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Geeta S Rao: About

Geeta S Rao - Ahmedabad

Para-Athlete | Triathlete | Ultra-Cyclist | Motivational Influencer | Entrepreneur

At a tender age of 3, she was affected by polio, that had spread to most of her body after an injection was wrongly administered to her. The life that followed was full of pain and struggles for her as well as her family. Nonetheless, her family went out of their way to convince her that despite being differently-abled, she could do & achieve all that she wanted to. They raised her like her other siblings and built her self-confidence. She became independent, not only physically, but mentally & socially too.

From being bed ridden, Geeta not only learnt to stand on her own legs (after using a wheelchair, crutches, handicapped boots), she celebrated life trekking, bungee jumping, paragliding, walking through fire, ultra-distance cycling, sky-cycling, sea-swimming, playing badminton, walking for marathons & becoming a triathlete. Imagine her will-power, sheer dedication & hard work to chase her dreams.

She could not ride a bicycle in her childhood, but always dreamt to ride one. In Feb 2016 she learnt cycling on her nephew’s bicycle. On Feb 14′ 2016, her family gifted her a road bike. During her first spin, she couldn’t even ride 200 mts. That's when she decided to ride 200 kms at least once in her life, and that's how her cycling journey began. Today, she has become an Ultra Cyclist, completed more than 200 century rides & ridden more than 55,000 kms so far. She is an olympic Triathlete and attempted 70.3 Ironman too! From being India's first differently abled Super Randonneur to holding a Limca Book Record, her achievements are too many to mention here.

But what inspires us most is her tag line: "I'mPossible" and her phrase, "If I can do it, anyone can" which she says with her ever gleaming smile. So if Geeta can ride, so can you!

Geeta S Rao: About
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