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Sundar Rajan: Image

Sundar Rajan (Sundar Sir) - Chennai

Grand Super Randonneur | Bicycle Commuter | Bicycle Tourer | Respected Industry Mentor | Author

Between 2000-2008, many of his college batchmates succumbed to Cardiac arrest, and were getting hospitalised due to various health issues. This got Sundar Sir thinking. He made up his mind that he didn’t want to wind up in a similar situation!

At 58, he took to cycling as a fitness activity, and from then, there was no looking back!

An engineer by profession and an alumnus of The College of Engineering, Guindy, he used to work for Engineers India Ltd, New Delhi, and moved to Chennai post-retirement more than a decade back.

The simplicity and the non-dependability of the sport were the key points that attracted him to cycling.

Sundar Sir was introduced to Randonneuring in 2011, when Audax India Randonneurs opened the rides in India. He liked these rides since, more than speed, riding at a constant pace and endurance was the criteria.

Over the past 10 years having pedalled more than 80,000 kms Sundar Sir is India’s oldest Grand Super Randonneur.

Having an immense knowledge about cycling, Sundar Sir shares his tips and suggestions on safety, riding techniques and technical issues on his social media platforms. Upon the suggestion of one of his co-riders, he authored his debut book “Pedal Shakti – The Power of Cycling” that talks about all things cycling.

In the words of Sundar Sir, “This book is a compilation of my knowledge and experience with inputs from many cyclists around the world, making it suitable for cyclists in India considering the local conditions.

It is for those who want to get into cycling for fitness and commuting, who want to understand the basics of cycling and for those who want to do long-distance cycling. It also narrates the fascinating story of the bicycle and its technological evolution. Cycling helped me stay fit, so it was only proper to promote its virtues and explain its technology. I hope it will help everyone as it is a healthy way to commute and exercise”.

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