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Wg Cdr Srinivas Gokulnath: Image

Wg Cdr Srinivas Gokulnath - Bangalore

Ultracyclist | First Indian solo RAAM finisher | First Indian solo RAA finisher | Record holder of fastest circumnavigation of Karnataka (RAKA) | Aerospace Physician | #TED-X Speaker | Author

Imagine cycling 536 kms in a day... consistently for 9 days... with an elevation gain of 53,340 metres... through vastly changing weather conditions.

To some these seem impossible numbers. To Wg Cdr Srinivas Gokulnath, it is his single focused mission for the months ahead as he trains hard to make India proud with a podium finish at RAAM 2022 (Race Across America). RAAM is the longest and toughest ultra endurance cycling event in the world. You can read more about it on

Srini has been training for this incredible achievement for years now, the most recent being setting a record for RAKA (Race Across Karnataka), circumnavigating the state with a distance of 2232 kms. in just 4 days 23 hours and 13 minutes. You can read more about Srini on

Of course, no tremendous feet like this comes without a cost. Besides the years of dedication, sacrifice, pain, physical and mental conditioning and hard work that Srini has been going through, this effort will also take a huge financial toll of more than ₹44L.

It is our humble appeal to go through his credentials and consider contributing towards his goals through his crowd funding initiative or connect him with potential brands and companies for sponsorships. He will be happy to answer any questions on or over a call on 9419021487.

Wg Cdr Srinivas Gokulnath: About
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