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The Freewheeling Story

Freewheeling would like to be known as a brand that has contributed towards driving a culture of cycling in India, to get people to commute on a bicycle and to choose cycling as a route to fitness, thus creating a greener and healthier environment.

Cycling is not all about performance or competition only. Our focus is on the journey, the story of adventure, of going out there, taking the untrodden path, stretching our own physical and mental limits. A story of discovery – both outside and within.

Our goal is to share our joy for cycling and get everyone on a bicycle, which we truly believe can make this world a better place, one pedal at a time. We understand that there are a lot of barriers preventing people from cycling like safety concerns, comfort and convenience. Freewheeling aims to address some of these problems through sharing knowledge on cycling and by providing world class brands and innovative products.


Our Story: About Us
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