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The Team

Meet the team of Passionate Cyclists behind Freewheeling

The Team: About Us
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Sheriyar Unwalla

Founder & Bicycle Commuter

Sports & fitness enthusiast, travel & food buff, bicycle commuter, sustainability campaigner - that's Sheriyar in a nutshell.

After a varied experience in sales, marketing, product development, international business and retail over the last 17 years, Sheriyar decided to quit the corporate jungle and begin his entrepreneurial Journey with "Freewheeling Sports & Fitness" to pursue his objective to make cycling safer, more comfortable, a lot more fun and more accessible. His aim is to make cycling the most preferred mode of commute in India.

A dreamer who needs to be brought back to reality every now and then, he can quite easily bore you to death with his philosophy too. Safe to say it's best you keep the conversation limited to cycling with this guy!

The Team: Team Members
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Sriram M S

Technical Consultant & Cycling Coach

A very well known name in the cycling fraternity, Sriram has spent over a decade in the industry with some of the top brands available in India.

Always been interested in sports, he is a certified cycling and fitness coach, does high precision bicycle repair and builds and conducts several rides and workshops through his own venture called Sprocket Science India.

Here at Freewheeling Sports & Fitness, Sriram plays an important role of business development and Tech Support. He's your "ask me anything" expert when it comes to cycling. Be prepared to get more than what you ask for!

The Team: Team Members
The Team: Image


Logistics Lead & MTB Racer

Johnson is a budding MTB racer and aspires to join the armed forces to serve our country one day.

In the meanwhile he's taking care of logistics and the back office at Freewheeling Sports & Fitness besides testing all the new products being developed.

He's full of life and is quick at making friends with anyone and everyone. You'll see him meet someone for the first time and a moment later he'll be laughing loudly over some joke!

The Team: Team Members
The Team: Image

Merisha John

Client Servicing Lead & Cycling Enthusiast

After some recent soul searching, Merisha discovered that cycling is an activity that gives her maximum joy and like many of us, she is now on a journey to get more people to take up cycling too, while discovering new things about the sport every day.

She is a deep thinker and a great communicator... someone you can talk to for hours and end the conversation with a feeling of fulfilment. She's a great team player too, especially when she brings some delicious home cooked food! ;-).

The Team: Team Members
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