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Rides & Tours

If there's anything better than riding a bicycle, it's riding a bicycle along beautiful routes and in the midst of wonderful company. View this section to see some of our recommended ride and tour operators who you are sure to be in safe hands with. We have personally ridden with these folks and have had a wonderful experience with them. So go ahead and explore.

Rides & Tours: Welcome

Pedal In Tandem

Pedal in Tandem is a cycling company that's obsessed with providing you the best possible experiences. We offer an eclectic collection of weekend rides and adventure bike tours around Bangalore, across India and across the globe, all curated meticulously for the discerning cyclist and traveler who values the extraordinary!
Our rides and tours are all off-beat exclusive itineraries in which you will experience the highs of cycling in exotic locations, soaking in local culture & cuisine and exploring the deep countryside and wilderness. So come on over and join our community of cycling and travel enthusiasts! We promise you will have a fun time and you'll soon be challenging yourself to ride longer and harder and explore farther and deeper than ever before! 
Stay tuned for our schedule of curated rides and tours.

Rides & Tours: About Us


Unventured has been a dream that the founders have pursued with many travelers, creating an experience where travel meets adventure and the one has real-world experiences with a softer impact. Practicing and promoting sustainable eco-tourism, they strongly believe through their travel techniques, they can empower locals, help them build sustainable lives and educate fellow travelers about zero waste tourism practices. 

At Unventured, they introduce travelers to an offbeat real-world experience of India that will leave them with a sweet aftertaste of the local culture and heritage. Complete with the element of safety and security in mind, their aim is to provide simple, yet essential support to discover the Unventured path – natural wealth, cultural diversity and flourishing history of Incredible India, Bhutan and South East Asia.

With their carefully curated active getaways, they get one step closer to changing the way people travel. 

Follow Unventured at or or send them a WhatsApp message on +919483747703 or visit their website on the link below.

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Rides & Tours: About Us
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Team Parikrama

Team Parikrama is a Social Enterprise established with an aim to promote, encourage and provide a platform for individuals to pursue their interest in the fields of Outbound Training, Adventure Sports, Travel, Environmental Conservation and Women Empowerment contributing positively towards building a better society at large. It is an opportunity for the youth to explore the world and discover themselves, encouraging them to break their routine and experience the unknown. 

They aim to address the needs of adventure enthusiasts, exploring agriculture and to dwell on natural adaptability of human beings. As the name connotes, Team Parikrama delivers the concept of learning and adventure in the true sense by way of its products and experiences which is the creation of ideas from people with rich experience in the field of Science, Sports, Education, Industry, and Adventure.

Follow them on or click their website link below.

Rides & Tours: About Us
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