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Reach out to our panel of experts for any help related to cycling, maintenance, fitness, nutrition & more.


Sriram M S

Founder @ Sprocket Science India | ACE Certified Personal Trainer | UBI Certified Bicycle Mechanic | Bike Fitting Specialist


Shaily Chauhan

Nutritionist | Triathlete | Pranic Healer | Vegan | Conscious Cooking & Living

Ingit Anand 09.jpg

Ingit Anand

5-time Ironman Finisher | Ironman Coach | Strength & Conditioning Coach

Expert Advice: Team Members

Ask Us Anything Cycling

The beauty about bicycles is that they are the simplest vehicles, consisting of two wheels held by a frame, propelled by pedals and steered with handlebars attached to the front wheel. Yet, for someone who wants to begin their cycling journey, it can be quite overwhelming with a lot of questions and even more unstructured answers out there.

Let us help simplify this wonderful experience of cycling. Ask us anything right from what kind of cycle to buy, how to stay safe, how to ensure your bums don't hurt while cycling and so on. No question is too silly. We will be happy to assist you on your journey whether you are going to ride a bicycle for the first time or planning to re-start a journey after a few decades, or wanting to ride more / faster.

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