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Inspiring Stories of Cycling Heroes

Grit, determination, discipline, passion, hard work, humility and zeal are qualities everyone likes to talk about. We have a few inspiring stories to share of ordinary people with extraordinary passion for cycling, who have actually displayed these characteristics by battling against all odds to create an impact on cycling in India.

Do read these short stories to get inspired... and please do write to us at if you have such similar stories to share.


Cycling Heroes: About Us
Team Srini Picture 05.jpg

Wg Cdr Srinivas Gokulnath

Ultracyclist | First Indian solo RAAM finisher | First Indian solo RAA finisher | Record holder of fastest circumnavigation of Karnataka (RAKA) | Aerospace Physician | #TED-X Speaker | Author

Srini is one of the most down-to-earth Ultra Cyclists you can perhaps come across. His discipline, dedication and passion knows no bounds. Follow his journey to RAAM 2022.

Sundar 07.jpg

Sundar Rajan - Chennai

Grand Super Randonneur | Bicycle Commuter | Bicycle Tourer | Respected Industry Mentor | Author

"Sunder Sir" as he is affectionately called is an institution in himself. Taking up cycling at 58, read how he has become a respected personality in the community.


Geeta S Rao - Ahmedabad

Para-Athlete | Triathlete | Ultra-Cyclist | Motivational Influencer | Entrepreneur

Read Geeta's incredible story from battling Polio at the age of 3 to becoming a Super Randonneur.


Simi Marina Mathew - Bangalore

Bicycle Commuter | Relief Rider | Social Worker

Read Simi's fascinating story of how a trained pilot finds a bicycle as the best mode of transport.


Vidya Chandran - Bangalore

Bicycle Tourer | Founder of Spokes Women

Read how Vidya has inspired hundreds of women to take up cycling & motivated them to stay consistent & ride more.

Shun Athi 01.jpeg

Shun Athi - Chennai

Super Randonneur | Endurance Racer | Bicycle Commuter

Read how running & cycling - an activity to lose weight transformed Shun into a passionate athlete.


Vinolee Ramalingam - Chennai

3-time Ironman Finisher | Ironman Certified Coach @ Tri Lee Coaching | Unived Ambassador | womenfortri Ambassador

Read Vinolee's incredible story from being a full time mom and assistant professor to a full time athlete and coach.


Anand Gaur - Sonipat

Endurance Cyclist | Founder of Sonepat Bicycle Club | Founder of Cycle World Sonepat

Read about this journey from Fat to Fit, from a businessman to a passionate cyclist.

Cycling Heroes: Team Members
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